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Internet Explorer 5

Internet Explorer 5 5.2.3 Free

Latest version of Internet Explorer for Mac OS X. Updated: July 30th 2014

380,088 total downloads

2,536 last week


iTools 1.7.1 Free

iTools is a simple and powerful tool for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch users. Updated: September 2nd 2016

90,928 total downloads

801 last week

iPhone Configuration Utility

iPhone Configuration Utility 3.5 Free

iPhone Configuration Utility lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt. Updated: June 18th 2013

98,029 total downloads

271 last week


iTunes 12.0.1 Free

iTunes, the award-winning digital-jukebox software. Updated: May 17th 2017

305,070 total downloads

184 last week


iExplorer Free to try

Easily transfer music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to a Mac or PC computer Updated: December 3rd 2014

2,263 total downloads

76 last week

iBackupBot for Mac

iBackupBot for Mac 5.4.4 Free to try

iBackupBot for Mac Updated: March 17th 2017

2,220 total downloads

34 last week

Iggle Pop

Iggle Pop 1.0 Free to try

Move your Iggle friends to their color-coded destinations. Updated: August 20th 2013

8,842 total downloads

40 last week


Inkscape 0.48.2 Free

Inkscape is an open source SVG drawing tool Updated: February 27th 2015

23,705 total downloads

43 last week


i-Funbox 1.2 Free

iFunbox is a FREE file manager and App installer for iDevices Updated: February 25th 2015

178,672 total downloads

40 last week


IMVU 90000.84 Free

Express yourself in the world's largest 3D Chat and Dress-Up community! Updated: February 26th 2015

76,019 total downloads

27 last week

iSSH 3.1 Free

iSSH is a front-end application to the command line application “ssh”. Updated: June 4th 2009

2,841 total downloads

27 last week

iSpazz 0.0.1d1 Free

iSpazz is a plugin for iTunes on OS X, controlling the backlight keyboard. Updated: October 12th 2007

6,793 total downloads

24 last week


ipswDownloader 2.6.1 Free

Simple app for downloading firmware for Apple iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Updated: December 21st 2015

7,310 total downloads

21 last week

iTool 2.0.10 Free

iTool is a free utility for a complete system maintenance. Updated: July 27th 2009

15,114 total downloads

18 last week

iCursor 1.40 Free

iCursor is a funny and useless app for Mac OS X Updated: September 10th 2008

1,176 total downloads

8 last week